Wildlife Solutions

We provide humane control and preventative measures


We provide fast, safe and effective solutions to combat many different animals:


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If you are having a problem with an animal not shown above, call us to setup an inspection. We can provide solutions to many different animal species not shown.


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About our solutions

We have provide removal solutions to all pest problems in Eastern Ontario. We provide solutions for bat removal, squirrel removal, raccoon removal, and many other pests that can damage your property or cause you problems. We also provide pest control proofing measures to ensure that once removed, the pests are gone permanently.

Most animals enter your home or business through attics or wall vents, chimneys, fireplaces, fascia or soffits or breaches in the structure or foundation. The attraction is a warm site that is free of predators and ideal for giving birth and raising young. For a home or business owner, this behaviour is problematic because animals tend to pack down insulation exposing electrical wires which could potentially be chewed on causing fire hazards.

Also, animals defecate in the area causing odours and potential risk of health issues such as raccoon round worm, hanta virus and rabies.Property damage caused by the animal could also lead to water damage and increased heat loss.

Our humane wildlife solutions provide control through the use of passive devices which allow the animal to exit the area safely without being able to re-enter. We provide long-term structural repairs to prevent further intrusion to the home or business.

We also know how to properly and humanely remove any animal problem you may be experiencing.

These guys go above and beyond the call of duty, they really care about you & the work they do for you. We will always use their services when and as needed and this is not only based on their incredibly good work it’s also based on knowing their competition really can’t be called that as they are in a league of their own, stellar service and really nice guys too.

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