Latin Name:

Size: Various

Life Expectancy: Various

Problems: Damage to property


Behaviour, Diet and Habits:

Most birds are diurnal, but some birds, such as many species of owls, are nocturnal. Birds’ diets are varied and often include nectar, fruit, plants, seeds, carrion, and various small animals, including other birds. The high metabolic rates of birds during the active part of the day is supplemented by rest at other times.

Signs of Bird Problems:

Places to look for bird problems are in attics, chimneys and other areas open to the outside.

Homeowners must be vigilant in keeping attics, basements, chimneys and sheds carefully sealed to prevent property damage caused by birds.


Minimizing Bird Problems:

To minimize bird damage, be sure to properly seal roofs, chimneys and other areas to inhibit the birds ability to gain entry into your dwelling.


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